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Root Canal Therapy in Whittier, CA

If you experience extreme tooth sensitivity, swelling, or pain, you may have a deeply decayed, traumatized, or infected tooth. To ease your pain, save the tooth, and restore your oral health, root canal therapy in Whittier may be neccessary.

At Dentists of Whittier, we understand how uncomfortable these symptoms can be, and your health and comfort are our top priorities. That is why we offer top-quality root canal treatment.

What Is a Root Canal?

Each tooth has a root canal, the natural cavity at the center of the tooth, and it contains the pulp of the tooth or the nerve.

When you need root canal therapy, it is because the nerve is severely traumatized (or even dead), infected, or decay has attacked it. In this situation, you have two options: a root canal or an extraction. Our goal is to save your tooth, so we highly recommend a root canal if the tooth is savable.

Root canal treatment involves removing the nerve of the tooth, along with any damaged or diseased part of the tooth. The process helps eliminate bacteria and necrotic tissue while saving the natural tooth.

At Dentists of Whittier, we use state-of-the-art technology, along with gentle techniques, to provide you with a safe, comfortable, effective root canal treatment experience.

 Root Canal Therapy Whittier CA
Root Canals in Whittier CA

Why Do I Need a Root Canal in Whittier?

When the nerve of the tooth is infected or irritated, it will eventually die. The result is a weak tooth that can easily fracture. Additionally, living with an irritated, inflamed, infected, or dying nerve is extremely painful.

Sometimes, the pain will go away for a few days, giving patients a false sense of security. Often, though, the pain comes back with a vengeance. For most people, it is impossible to live with the pain. They need relief. Plus, leaving an infection untreated can cause it to spread to vulnerable areas of your body, such as:

  • Other teeth
  • The brain
  • The heart
  • Anywhere there’s a prosthetic body part (hip/knee replacement, for example)

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Root Canal?

A root canal will remove the infection, ease the pain, and save the tooth. Other benefits of root canal treatment in Whittier include:

  • Relief from pain during chewing
  • Relief from swelling and sensitivity
  • Prevents the dehydration of the jawbone
  • Enhances oral health
  • Enhances general health

What Are the Symptoms that I Might Need a Root Canal?

Here are the most common symptoms that point to the necessity of root canal therapy.

  • Deep decay
  • A severely cracked tooth
  • Breakdown or fracture of an old filling
  • Recurrent decay under an old filling
  • Abscesses on the gums
  • Severe pain while biting or chewing
  • Lingering sensitivity to temperatures of foods and beverages
  • Sore, swollen gums
  • Changes in the color of the gums (often, they turn dark red)
  • Pain that travels throughout the mouth
  • Chronic throbbing or sharp pains
 Whittier CA
Root Canals in Whittier CA

What Happens During a Root Canal Appointment?

At your appointment, Dr. Omid will numb your tooth. Then, using a dental handpiece (drill), he’ll remove some of the tooth structure (enamel and dentin) to access the pulp chamber. Once inside the chamber, he’ll use tiny instruments that look like upside-down Christmas trees or scrub brushes. Using these tools, Dr. Omid will, in essence, scrub the inside of the tooth and into the canals of each root of the tooth (some teeth have one canal, while the molars can have up to four) to remove all the nerve tissue.

Once the nerve is removed, he’ll clean out all the decay or damaged tooth structure. Dr. Omid will take x-rays throughout the procedure to make sure he’s cleaned all the way down to the base of each canal and that no more nerve tissue remains.

Now, it’s time to fill the canals. Dr. Omid uses a product called gutta-percha, which resembles long strips of rubber. He melts the gutta-percha and packs it into the canals to ensure there’s no way bacteria can get into the tooth.

The appointment ends by placing a temporary filling in the tooth.

Will I Need a Dental Crown After Root Canal Treatment?

In most cases, you will need a dental crown once the root canal therapy is completed. After removing the nerve tissue and any diseased or damaged enamel and dentin, there’s too little tooth structure left for a filling. Placing a filling that large would put the tooth at risk of severe fracture, which would result in the need for an extraction. Again, our goal is to save the tooth, and the best way to do that is to provide as much structure and strength as possible, which a dental crown allows us to do.

Turn to a Caring, Compassionate Team When You’re in Pain

The dental team at Dentists of Whittier understands pain. We’ve experienced it ourselves or have seen patients go through it. We don’t want you to have to experience the type of pain that results in root canal treatment. Dr. Omid and his team will work with you to try to prevent that from happening. If it does, though, please know that we’re here for you. We’ll work with you to help you get out of pain fast.

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