Oral Hygiene Guide for Kids Whittier CA

Oral Hygiene Guide for Kids

Oral Hygiene Guide for Kids Whittier, CA

The health of kids’ teeth, mouth, and gums is an important part of general wellness. Dentists of Whittier accepts patients of all ages, and our expert dental team proudly offers pediatric dental care. In addition, we have compiled this helpful oral hygiene guide with your child’s oral health and habits in mind.

Why is Oral Hygiene Essential for Children?

Oral hygiene impacts the immune system and body. For example, if children have a poor oral regimen, bacteria in their mouths can lead to infection. Regular pediatric dental care can contribute to a child’s overall wellness and keep cavities and infections at bay.

Are Pediatric Dental Exams and Cleanings from Dentists of Whittier Necessary?

Even if a child is an excellent brusher, there is still certain buildup that can only be removed by a hygienist. Plaque and tartar can be stubborn in the best of cases, making regular exams and cleanings essential.

How Often Should I Bring My Child to Dentists of Whittier?

Typically, dental exams and cleanings are performed twice a year. Keeping up with your child’s dental appointments at Dentists of Whittier can help set them on a successful path in terms of life-long oral health habits.

Oral Hygiene for Kids Whittier CA
Oral Hygiene Regimen for Kids Whittier CA

How Can I Teach My Child to Brush?

The best way to teach children to brush is by teaching them to apply pressure to the toothbrush without brushing too hard. It is important to brush thoroughly, but brushing that is fast or hard can cause tears on the gumline. It is best to let them take their time, with at least two minutes allotted for brushing. Similar to adults, children should brush twice per day and floss once. To instill good oral health habits, you could encourage them to brush after eating, especially if they just consumed a sugary beverage or food item.

Will Dentists of Whittier Show My Child How to Brush?

Dentists of Whittier will be happy to provide your child with an example of how to brush and floss on their next visit. We will also give them a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Are There Any Oral Health Habits I Should Discourage?

Oral health habits such as chewing on ice, toys, and other objects should be discouraged. This can be damaging to the teeth. Another habit to look out for is if children leave their toothbrushes lying around. Toothbrushes can contain viruses, bacteria, and germs, so they should be stored with the bristles upward and apart from other toothbrushes.

Can My Child Benefit from Using Mouthwash?

Though mouthwash is beneficial, it is typically used by children who are a little older. Finding an alcohol-free mouthwash is relatively easy and can contribute to optimal oral health and hygiene.

Does Dentists of Whittier Recommend Avoiding Certain Foods?

Dentists of Whittier recommends limiting or avoiding sugary foods and beverages that can lead to cavities. Diets that are well-balanced and contain vitamins and minerals can boost children’s oral health and general wellness. This includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein.

Oral Hygiene Routine Habits for Kids Whittier CA

How Much Is Pediatric Dental Care from Dentists of Whittier?

If your child needs pediatric dental care, Dentists of Whittier highly recommends getting a family dental insurance plan. Typically, these plans cover regular dental exams and cleanings. In addition, Dentists of Whittier provides patients in California with affordable dental solutions, so you can always call us at (562) 414-5025 to discuss easy payment plans and options.

Get Affordable Pediatric Dental Care in California Today!

Dentists of Whittier serves patients in the state of California and offers affordable pediatric dental care. To get your child started on their oral health journey, contact us today by calling (562) 414-5025!


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