Digital X-rays Whittier CA

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays Whittier, CA

Digital x-rays from Dentists of Whittier are a crucial component of your oral healthcare. At Dentists of Whittier, we use digital x-rays to detect tumors, cavities, and other oral health issues, such as periodontal disease. They are also used to determine if there is any gum loss, bone loss, or unusual structures. Digital x-rays play an important part in aiding our dental team in identifying and addressing your dental health needs so that we can give you the best care possible.

How Do Digital X-rays Work?

Digital x-rays render advanced images of the inner structures of the mouth, such as the teeth, gums, and jaw. These images are constructed using digital sensors and can detect an array of oral health conditions. Importantly, digital x-rays can be taken both inside and outside the mouth for a detailed and enhanced view.

Are There Different Types of Dental Digital X-rays?

There are several different types of digital x-rays that offer dentists multiple views of the oral cavity. This includes a bitewing view, periapical view, and occlusal view.

What is a Bitewing View?

A bitewing view is a common dental digital x-ray that provides a close look at the upper and lower jaw. It allows dentists to see if there are any cavities or bone loss.

What is a Periapical View?

A periapical view is also a common digital x-ray that is used to examine the bottom portion of the teeth. It is also used to look at the roots of the teeth and find the cause of nerve pain.

What is an Occlusal View?

The occlusal view is a type of digital x-ray that is usually taken only when needed. It is helpful in evaluating the bone structure of the jaw and identifying bone loss. It can also identify tumors or problems with the salivary ducts, including blockages.

Digital X-rays Whittier CA
Safe Digital X-rays in Whittier CA

How Safe Are Dental Digital X-rays?

Dentists of Whittier prefers using digital x-rays because they are safer than traditional x-rays and eliminate any pain or discomfort. Less radiation is used to produce the images, and they are far more detailed. In fact, dental digital x-rays reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation by approximately 80%-90%. However, Dentists of Whittier also utilizes protective lead aprons to reduce exposure even further.

What if I am Pregnant?

Because digital dental x-rays are safer and emit less radiation, women who are pregnant can still benefit from them. More specifically, they can be given up to four digital x-rays at each dentist visit.

What Issues Can Digital X-rays Detect?

Digital dental x-rays can detect more oral health issues than traditional dental x-rays. For example, they can reveal even small portions of tooth decay that may otherwise go unnoticed. They can be used to easily locate cavities, which are less dense and stand out on the x-ray. In addition, digital x-rays are used to assess the teeth, mouth, gums, and jaw, as well as identify periodontal disease.

How Do I Know if I Need a Digital X-ray from Dentists of Whittier?

Dentists of Whittier often uses dental digital x-rays as part of routine dental exams. However, if there has been an injury involving impact to the mouth, digital x-rays can be used to make sure everything is intact.

Digital X-rays in Whittier CA

How Much are Digital X-rays in Whittier, CA?

Digital x-rays at Dentists of Whittier can vary in price, ranging from $85-$250. However, if you have dental insurance, they may help with annual dental digital x-ray costs. We are committed to providing affordable dental services to patients in Whittier, CA, so please do not hesitate to contact our office at (562) 414-5025 to discuss payment options.

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