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3D Imaging Technology Whittier, CA

With advanced 3D imaging technology, Dentists of Whittier can more accurately diagnose and treat oral health and orthodontic alignment issues in Southern California. This safe and fast method of obtaining detailed 3D dental images enables us to better customize dental treatments for you and your family.

What Is 3D Imaging Technology?

3D imaging technology is a type of digital picture taking process that results in virtual “3D” images – that is, images that appear three dimensional and give us a 360 view of the mouth and jaw. This special imaging technology enables our dentists to identify oral health issues that could not be seen easily or at all with the naked eye.

How Does 3D Imaging Technology Work?

3D imaging technology is done through specialized machines such as a CBCT. CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, and the machine literally uses an X-ray beam that is shaped like a cone.

Since a full 360-degree series of photos are taken, a 3D composite image is created that can be viewed and manipulated on a computer screen to get a very detailed look at the teeth, jaw, and surrounding bones and tissues. With this life-size, scalable image, we can easily make precise calculations of the teeth, jaw, and sinuses to inform treatment.

What is 3D Imaging Technology Whittier CA
What is 3D Imaging Technology Used for in Whittier CA

What Is 3D Imaging Technology Used for in Whittier?

The 3D imaging technology used at Dentists of Whittier will help us look holistically at your teeth as well as surrounding structures, including the jawbone, sinus cavities, muscles, nerves, the neck, and the ears. This comprehensive imaging allows us to look for signs of disease and infection. It’s also very helpful for diagnoses and treatments such as:

What Are the Benefits of 3D Imaging Technology?

3D images of the mouth are very helpful for our team at Dentists of Whittier. Some of the benefits of the technology include the ability to better assess the oral health of patients. 3D technology also improves accuracy in measuring the mouth and jaw, which can help in procedures such as dental implant placement.

If we are planning to do an involved mouth reconstruction process, 3D imaging can be extremely helpful in planning that process as well as ensuring treatment was successful after the fact.

What Happens During 3D Imaging?

Getting 3D images taken of your head is easy. Just be still and relax. The machine will do all the work. It will rotate around your head as it takes the 3D pictures, and it’s quick and easy.

Am I Exposed to Radiation with 3D Imaging?

There is a small amount of radiation used when obtaining 3D images, however, it is not a lot and less than that used in a CT scan. We only use 3D technology when it’s really needed to avoid unnecessary exposure. Additionally, modern digital X-rays used in dentistry, which have replaced older film X-rays, use a lot less radiation, so your exposure overall is much less at the dentist than it used to be.

3D Imaging Process Whittier CA

How Much Does 3D Imaging Technology Cost?

3D imaging technology can range in price from $350 to $600. Your California dental insurance may cover some of this cost, but up until recently, it has not been a typical insurance benefit. We will work with your insurance company to try to make sure the procedure is coded under diagnostic services if possible. We also offer convenient financing options at Dentists of Whittier.

Get a Better Picture of Your Oral Health with 3D Imaging Technology!

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