Fluoride Treatment Whittier CA

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment Whittier, CA

Fluoride treatments from Dentists of Whittier help keep your teeth clean, healthy, and strong. Fluoride is a natural mineral that contains antimicrobial properties, combats cavities, and strengthens tooth enamel. It is easily found in nature, and since controlled amounts of fluoride are beneficial to oral health, it is also found in water supplies, toothpaste, and mouthwash. If you are looking for an easy way to enhance your oral health, Dentists of Whittier offers safe and affordable fluoride treatments to keep your and your child’s teeth healthy and strong.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Dentists of Whittier provides dental patients with safe and effective fluoride treatments. Your dentist will apply a concentrated form of fluoride to the teeth with a swab, brush, or a dental tray that is placed in your mouth. The fluoride used for these treatments will usually be in the form of a foam, rinse, or gel. Though the fluoride used is more concentrated than what is in water, toothpaste, or mouthwash, it is important to note that it is still safe because it is in controlled amounts and administered by our professionals.

How Long Do Fluoride Treatments Take?

Fluoride treatments at Dentists of Whittier only take several minutes, and you can usually eat and drink again within half an hour. These easy treatments are quick, pain-free, and boost oral health.

Fluoride Treatment Whittier CA
Fluoride Treatment in Whittier CA

Who Can Get Fluoride Treatments from Dentists of Whittier?

Fluoride treatments at Dentists of Whittier can be helpful to children, adults, and seniors. In addition, fluoride treatments may especially be beneficial for individuals with weakened or compromised tooth enamel or who are prone to cavities and tooth decay. Receiving regular fluoride treatments from Dentists of Whittier is a preemptive way to stay on top of your oral health.

How Frequently Should I Receive Fluoride Treatments?

While many dental patients opt to receive fluoride treatments once or twice a year, patients with poor oral health or hygiene may need them every three to six months.

How Will Fluoride Treatments from Dentists of Whittier Help My Teeth?

Fluoride has many oral health benefits, including strengthening weakened tooth enamel, counteracting bacteria with its antimicrobial properties, and preventing cavities. Studies have shown that water supplies with fluoride may lessen the development of cavities by approximately 40%-60%. This is due to the fact that fluoride impacts the natural process of demineralization and remineralization. By encouraging remineralization, fluoride treatments help stop cavities from developing.

What is Demineralization?

Our teeth constantly battle demineralization, which is when acid created by bacteria wears down the enamel on the teeth. Eventually, teeth with weak enamel can become cavities. However, fluoride treatments reinforce tooth enamel through remineralization.

What is Remineralization?

Instead of breaking down the enamel on the teeth, remineralization works to strengthen it. Calcium and phosphate, which are naturally occurring minerals in our saliva, are crucial in the remineralization process and help fortify the teeth. Since fluoride treatments encourage remineralization, cavities are prevented, and smaller ones that are just beginning may even be reversed.

Fluoride Treatment Dentist Whittier CA

How Much Are Fluoride Treatments in Whittier, CA?

Fluoride treatments are quite affordable, and Dentists of Whittier is committed to providing cost-effective dental services to our patients. If you have dental insurance, a single fluoride treatment from Dentists of Whittier in California can be as low as $10-$30 and may be covered by some dental insurance plans. If you would like to discuss payment options with our friendly staff, simply call our dental office in Whittier, CA at (562) 414-5025.

Fortify Your Smile with Fluoride Treatments!

Fluoride treatments from Dentists of Whittier can protect your smile by preventing cavities, fighting bacteria, and strengthening tooth enamel. To schedule your fluoride treatment, contact us today by calling (562) 414-5025!


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