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Old amalgam (silver) fillings are dark and easy for anyone to spot. Thankfully, this is the old way of filling teeth. These days, we have composite (tooth-colored) fillings. We match the filling to the shade of your natural teeth, and no one can tell you’ve ever had a filling. Even better – these fillings are durable, strong, and last for years. Since composite fillings are nearly undetectable, they’re the perfect filling option for a brighter, healthier-looking smile.

What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are a soft resin material that hardens when it’s cured with a UV curing light. When you get a composite filling, it’s not like getting a one-size-fits-all type of filling. The composite material comes in a variety of shades. We can mix and match until we match your natural tooth shade. And because the material is pliant, we can easily shape the material to form an ideal shape that closely matches the anatomy of your natural teeth. By the time your filling appointment is complete, you’ll never be able to tell you’ve had a filling!

Are Composite Fillings Better Than Amalgam?

The short answer: Absolutely!

Composite fillings are better than silver fillings for multiple reasons. First, composite fillings match your teeth. That’s a huge perk in our book!

Second, the amalgam hardens quickly, making it more difficult to adequately pack it into the tooth. Voids are often the result, which can weaken the filling, making it susceptible to fracture or microleakage and recurrent decay. Composite fillings don’t harden until we cure them with a special light. We can make sure we thoroughly fill the tooth.

Finally, amalgam fillings contain some mercury, which is toxic. We are concerned with not only your dental health, but your overall health, too. We want to avoid products that can damage your health, and composite materials allow us to do that.

Are There Other Filling Options Besides Composite?

Composite fillings are ideal for most people, especially those who are on a budget (and who isn’t?). However, there are some other options, including gold or porcelain inlays. These are cemented (glued) into the tooth and typically last longer than the average filling. However, they are lab fabricated and made of more expensive materials. Oftentimes, an inlay can cost nearly as much as a dental crown.

Composite Fillings in Whittier CA
 Composite Fillings Whittier CA

How Do Composite Fillings Work?

When you come in for your filling appointment, Dr. Omid will start by numbing the tooth. Then, he’ll remove the decay (and any old filling material if the decay is recurrent under an existing filling).

Once all the decay is removed, he’ll condition the tooth, rinse it, and dry it thoroughly. Then, he’ll place a primer and an adhesive. Finally, he’ll place the filling material into the tooth. He will pack the material down into the tooth and add more composite layer by layer until the tooth is filled. He’ll shape the biting surface and finish by light-curing the filling. At this point, the filling is hard.

In the final stages of your appointment, Dr. Omid will check your bite to make sure there are no high spots. If there are, he’ll adjust the bite and follow-up by polishing the filling to a high sheen.

FAQs: What You Need to Know About Composite Dental Fillings

Here are just a few questions patients ask about the composite fillings on their dental treatment plan.

How Long Do Composite Fillings Last?

Composite fillings are strong and can last for many years. The average is approximately five years, though, with good care and proper dental hygiene, some people have had their composite fillings last much longer. As with all restorative materials, the composite filling can fail if it’s improperly placed or there is recurrent decay due to poor dental hygiene.

What Is in a Composite Filling?

Composite resins are made up of fine ceramic glass and plastic materials. The plastic allows the filling material to be pliable, which makes it easier to completely fill a tooth (without voids) and shape it to look like a natural tooth. The ceramic material allows us to match the shade of the composite to the shade of your teeth. It also provides an additional level of strength to the resin, making it more durable.

Are Composite Fillings Permanent?

Unfortunately, no filling is permanent, simply because of the wear and tear experienced over time. However, that’s not to say that composite fillings won’t last a long time. They will because they are made up of very materials, but eventually, you may need to replace them.

 Composite Fillings Whittier CA

Are You Ready for a Beautiful Filling Alternative?

Gone are the days of metal fillings, which were dark and easy to spot. Now, we have a better alternative: composite fillings. These fillings are perfect for addressing your restorative and cosmetic dental needs. You get beautiful tooth-colored fillings that match the shade of your teeth and never detract from your smile.

Do you want to replace your old metal fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings? Contact our team to schedule a consultation.


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