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Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion Whittier, CA

If you experience dental anxiety, the idea of getting a filling can feel uncomfortable – and even result in physical stress symptoms. We understand how debilitating dental anxiety can be and want to make you as comfortable as possible during every appointment with your Whittier dentist.

That’s why we offer air abrasion in Whittier, a drill-less way to remove decay. It’s an ideal option for patients with shallow cavities and can reduce or eliminate the need for anesthesia.

What Is Air Abrasion?

An air abrasion machine is like a sandblaster. It’s a system that sends out a safe stream of compressed air/gas, as well as fine particles (composed of baking soda, silica, or aluminum oxide).

The unit is aimed at the area of the tooth that is stained or has dental decay. As the particles strike the tooth, they remove the stain or decay.

During your air abrasion in Whittier appointment, a dental assistant will use a high-speed suction to vacuum the particles, so you don’t swallow them.

How Does Air Abrasion Work?

Compressed air and tiny particles of aluminum oxide or silica are combined in a spray form that streams across affected teeth. The pressure from the air and the abrasive material of the particles gently wear away decay on the teeth.

Air Abrasion Whittier CA
Air Abrasion in Whittier CA

Does Air Abrasion in Whittier Hurt?

An air abrasion procedure doesn’t hurt. The most you’ll feel is air on your teeth and gums. Due to tooth sensitivity or gum recession, though, some patients experience some sensitivity to the air pressure and particles – similar to what you’d experience if you have sensitive teeth and take a drink of cold water.

If you find that you’re too sensitive to proceed with air abrasion un-numbed, we can take a few minutes and numb the tissue, so that you’re more comfortable.

Is Air Abrasion Safe?

Air abrasion in Whittier is a safe, effective procedure. That being said, we do take some precautions to ensure your safety. For example, we provide our patients with protective eyewear to wear during their restorative procedure so that particles don’t land in your eye and cause irritation.

We also use a rubber dam to isolate the teeth being worked on, which prevents the particles from getting into your mouth. We do this in addition to using suction to vacuum the particles. The rubber dam also protects your delicate gum tissue from the particles, which could irritate the skin.

What Are the Benefits of Air Abrasion in Whittier?

Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing this technology.

  • Less time in the dental chair (for two reasons: the cavity is likely shallow, and we typically don’t have to take time to numb the tooth)
  • It’s a comfortable way to get rid of staining or decay because it doesn’t generate heat, pressure, or vibration like traditional high- and slow-speed dental handpieces
  • It can eliminate the need for an injection of anesthetic
  • The unit generates little-to-no sound, unlike the high-pitched sound that emanates from a high-speed dental handpiece (the sound of which can disturb patients with certain health conditions and dental anxiety)
  • It allows for a minimally invasive procedure because the only structures that are removed are those that are damaged – healthy parts of the tooth stay intact
Air Abrasions Benefits in Whittier CA
Air Abrasion Candidates in Whittier CA

Who Is a Good Candidate for Air Abrasion?

Nearly everyone is a good candidate for air abrasion in Whittier. However, this procedure is not recommended if the patient:

  • Is sensitive to baking soda, silica, or aluminum oxide
  • Has deep decay
  • Has decay between the teeth
  • Needs some healthy enamel removed to ensure the success/stability of a filling
  • Needs an inlay, onlay, or crown

How Much Does Air Abrasion in Whittier Cost?

Air abrasion treatment can cost around $150 to $200 per tooth, the cost of a filling. Dental insurance companies will typically cover the cost of this restorative procedure because they’re paying for the restoration (the filling) and not the means by which we remove the decay. However, your insurance may not cover the procedure if it’s purely cosmetic (removing stains).

Our Goal Is to Keep You as Comfortable as Possible

We understand dental discomfort and anxiety. It is our goal to ensure that you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally comfortable during every visit to your Whittier dentist. That is the reason why we invest in technology like the air abrasion unit. We will do all we can to make sure you feel calm, confident, and comfortable during any appointment, including air abrasion in Whittier.

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