First Dental Visit Whittier CA

First Dental Visit

First Dental Visit Whittier, CA

The first time you or your child see a dentist is very important, as this is where we start building the foundation of our relationship – and the foundation for your lifelong oral health. For children, this visit is a crucial time to create a positive impression so the child gets used to going to the dentist regularly.

What Happens During a First Dental Visit?

At the first visit, we will review medical records, conduct a comprehensive oral exam, and assess any need for treatment. We will often perform a routine teeth cleaning at the first visit, although sometimes we may schedule it for another time. (In the case of periodontal disease, we may need to schedule a special deep cleaning instead of a routine teeth cleaning.)

What Happens for a Child’s First Visit?

For children, we want to set a positive tone for future interactions at the dentist. Therefore, we work extra hard to make every child feel at ease. Our dental assistants and hygienists are all trained to help your child feel welcome. They will endeavor to make a genuine connection with your child so they feel at home here.

Our team is very friendly and kind, and we have experience with helping special needs children as well. If you do have a special needs child, let us know in advance, especially if your child needs any accommodations. We also offer sedation dentistry for anxious children.

First Dental Visit Whittier CA
First Dental Visit in Whittier CA

What Is a Dental Exam?

At the first visit, you or your child will undergo a comprehensive oral examination. This includes a complimentary oral cancer screening. We will take a look at the teeth, the gums, the jaw, and the soft tissues in the mouth.

We’ll be looking for issues such as crooked teeth, inflamed gums, deep gum pockets, and other potential problems.

What Are Digital X-rays?

Digital X-rays will be typically taken at the first visit, unless you are transferring over from another dentist who recently had X-rays done in the past year. These X-rays are quick, safe and painless.

What Is a Dental Treatment Plan?

After the exam, the dentist will discuss with you any problems that may have been discovered and come up with a mutually agreeable treatment plan. This plan might include repairing teeth, fixing cavities, or using orthodontic appliances to straighten teeth. We will answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding treatment. It’s our goal to give you the smile of your dreams, so we are on your side!

What Does a First Dental Visit in Whittier Cost?

In many cases, dental PPO plans will cover most if not all of your first dental visit, along with the cost of your X-rays. Contact us to get an exact quote based on your dental insurance. If you are paying out of pocket, let us know, and we can provide an estimate for you.

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