Dental Sealants Whittier CA

Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants Whittier, CA

Baby teeth have very deep pits and grooves, which makes it easy for plaque and food particles to get trapped and cause decay. Even when kids get their permanent teeth, it can be difficult for them to thoroughly clean the biting surfaces of their teeth. Since they’re at higher risk of dental decay, we provide dental sealants in Whittier to help your kids fend off cavities.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a barrier that’s placed on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The material your Whittier dentist uses is made of a medical-grade resin that’s similar to the composite material we use for fillings. However, the sealant material is thinner than the composite material, the consistency of which is more like a putty.

Once the sealants in Whittier are cured (to harden them), you have a strong barrier that protects your teeth from plaque, food particles, and bacteria – all of which can contribute to dental decay.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Sealants in Whittier?

The main benefit of dental sealants is the fact that they help prevent dental decay. By sealing the deep pits and fissures of the back teeth, we can prevent plaque and food particles from building up. Sealants make it easier to thoroughly brush the biting surfaces of your teeth and clean away the plaque and food.

Because sealants in Whittier help prevent dental decay, they not only prevent cavities but also more serious oral health issues that require more extensive restorative dental treatments, such as:

  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Extractions
Dental Sealants in Whittier CA
Dental Sealants Whittier CA

Can Adults Get Dental Sealants?

Absolutely! In fact, we often recommend it for adult patients with:

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Physical injuries/disabilities
  • Dexterity issues
  • Difficulty cleaning their teeth thoroughly
  • A high-risk for dental decay due to health issues or lifestyle

What Can You/Your Child Expect During a Sealant Appointment?

The dental sealant procedure does not require anesthesia because we’re not removing any tooth structure.

Your Whittier dentist will rough up the biting surfaces with a dental abrasion unit (pressurized air and particles made of silica, baking soda, or aluminum oxide are sprayed onto the tooth) and/or an acid solution. The solution only stays on the tooth for a minimal amount of time before being rinsed off.

Then, your dentist will isolate the teeth with a rubber dam and/or cotton and thoroughly dry the teeth. The sealant material is placed into the deep cracks/crevices. We use a brush to smooth it out before light-curing the material until it hardens.

How Much Do Sealants in Whittier Cost?

Sealants in Whittier cost around $30 to $40 per tooth. Since dental sealants are considered a preventative treatment, many insurance companies not only cover a portion of the cost for them but often cover the entire cost. Unfortunately, adult sealants (18 years of age and above) are often not a covered benefit under most insurance plans.

If you have a co-payment for sealants after insurance or are paying 100% of the cost because you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover dental sealants in Whittier, talk to our team. We’re happy to work out a payment plan or provide information about dental financing.

Dental Sealants Whittier CA

An Ounce of Prevention Is Our Motto

Your Whittier dentist provides exceptional restorative dental care. However, we’d love it if we never had to perform a restorative procedure on you. That’s why we offer preventative procedures, such as cleanings, regular dental exams, digital x-rays, and dental sealants in Whittier. It thrills our team when we’re able to not only help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime but also prevent dental issues in the first place.

Protect Your Teeth With Preventative Treatments From Your Whittier Dentist

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