Porcelain Crowns Whittier CA

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns Whittier, CA

Porcelain crowns help restore teeth or fillings that are decayed, damaged, or cracked. At Dentists of Whittier, we use porcelain crowns to cover the visible portion of the tooth or implant, restoring it to its natural state. Since porcelain crowns look and function like a regular tooth, they offer our dental patients an aesthetically pleasing smile that shines for all to see.

What Do Porcelain Crowns Do?

Porcelain crowns protect teeth that are compromised or damaged. They cover and strengthen the tooth, restoring its natural function and aesthetic. Since porcelain looks and functions similarly to your natural teeth, Dentists of Whittier often prefers this durable option that has the potential to last a lifetime.

How Can a Porcelain Crown from Dentists of Whittier Help Me?

Porcelain crowns serve a restorative and cosmetic function that many dental patients find beneficial. Through optimal oral care and health, porcelain crowns may last a lifetime. However, they at least provide a durable dental solution for between 5-15 years.

Porcelain Crowns Whittier CA
Porcelain Crowns in Whittier CA

What Do I Need to Know About Getting a Porcelain Crown?

First, Dentists of Whittier will evaluate if a porcelain crown is right for you. This includes a consultation, exam, and x-rays. If we see that a porcelain crown is best, we will remove any decay or infection from the tooth, prep the tooth, and take impressions used to make your custom crown. In the meantime, Dentists of Whittier will give you a temporary crown until your new one is ready. Once your porcelain crown is constructed, it will be cemented onto your tooth.

How Long is My Recovery Period?

Patients typically do not have any soreness, pain, or sensitivity after two weeks. If you are still experiencing any of these symptoms after two weeks, it is best to make an appointment at Dentists of Whittier right away. Sometimes porcelain crowns need to be slightly modified for a more optimal fit. In addition, nerves may become inflamed, or you could have an infection.

What Are the Signs I Need to Make an Appointment After Receiving My Crown?

If you are experiencing severe pain, pressure, inflammation, or sensitivity, you should make an appointment with Dentists of Whittier. Also, if your gums are red, you have difficulty eating and chewing, or the crown feels loose or unnatural, do not hesitate to contact us so we can check your new crown.

Will My Porcelain Crown Feel Natural?

Once the initial discomfort subsides, your porcelain crown should feel natural. You will be able to comfortably resume daily functions, including eating, speaking, and chewing. Patients usually acclimate to their new crown within a couple of days to a week. If your porcelain crown still does not feel right, you should contact Dentists of Whittier to make an appointment.

Can I Eat Normally with My New Porcelain Crown?

For the most part, you can eat normally after receiving a porcelain crown. However, it is best to avoid foods that are sticky, chewy, or hard because they can damage your new porcelain crown.

Porcelain Crowns Dentist Whittier CA

How Much Are Porcelain Crowns in Whittier, CA?

Porcelain crowns from Dentists of Whittier vary in cost due to several factors. For example, if a patient has dental insurance, there may be benefits that help with the cost. The cost can also fluctuate according to where the tooth is located and its size. However, Dentists of Whittier proudly provides cost-effective dental solutions to our patients in California, so do not hesitate to reach out to us at (562) 414-5025 to learn more.

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