Oral Surgery Whittier CA

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Whittier, CA

If you need oral surgery, put your trust in Dentists of Whittier. Our top-notch team of dentists and dental surgeons will ensure you have a safe, successful procedure.

What Is Dental or Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is surgery that relates to the teeth, jaw, and surrounding areas. Surgeries that specifically relate to dentistry are those that involve manipulating or reconstructing your smile, such as tooth extractions or dental implant placements.

However, oral surgery is a broad term that can refer to many possible medical procedures, including removal of cancerous cysts and tumors (oral cancer treatment), repairing broken jaws, reconstructive surgeries, and even cosmetic or “plastic” surgeries relating to the mouth, chin, and jaw.

What Is Oral Surgery Used for?

In dentistry, we use oral surgery to treat a number of conditions, including impacted tooth extractions, cleft lips, dental implants, gum grafts, root canal therapy, and reconstruction after an accident or injury. Oral surgery isn’t necessarily “serious,” so please do not get frightened by the use of the term “surgery.”

For example, a “root canal” (aka root canal therapy) is a common type of oral surgery where the dentist removes infected pulp from the tooth to save it. These are not the same type of intensive surgeries that involve a hospital stay or a complicated recovery.

Our dentist will always discuss with you your various options and alternatives so you can make an informed decision about oral surgery. In some cases, you may have a less invasive option to choose from (though not always).

For example, dental implants are very helpful when you need teeth replaced, but you could also opt for a non-surgical option like a resin-bonded bridge or removable dentures.

Oral Surgery Whittier CA
Oral Surgery in Whittier CA

What Type of Sedation Is Used in Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery sedation will vary depending on the type of procedure. For example, you will not need general anesthesia for a routine root canal, but we will use a numbing agent for the area being worked on. We may also opt for laughing gas or additional sedation or pain killers for certain out-patient procedures.

General anesthesia would only be used for certain types of oral surgery that are generally more serious in nature. For example, if you were in a serious car accident and need extensive reconstructive surgery done on the jaw, this might require general anesthesia.

The good news is, thanks to the use of sedation and numbing agents, you should not feel much pain at all during the procedure.

How Do I Recover from Oral Surgery?

The length of time it may take to recover from oral surgery depends on how comprehensive the surgery was. You may experience some pain and discomfort, as well as tenderness, following the procedure. A small amount of swelling may also be expected.

We will give you instructions on how to take care of your healing process, including recommendations for medications. Cold or hot compresses may also help, depending on timing (ask us about when to use cooling vs. heat).

In almost all cases, you should be able to return to work and most normal activities soon, provided you take it easy. Some foods may be off-limits for a while as you recover.

Oral Surgery Dentist Whittier CA

How Much Does Oral Surgery in Whittier Cost?

We can’t give you a fixed cost for oral surgery without knowing specifically what type of surgery it is. You can contact our office at Dentists of Whittier to receive more information about the different options we provide. We also offer affordable financing in the form of monthly payments.

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